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Pencil Derwent Chromaflow 24 colours

Introducing Chromaflow Soft Core Colour Pencils, a versatile and vibrant tool for your artistic endeavors. These pencils are highly pigmented, providing striking vibrancy that stands out even on dark paper surfaces.

The creamy core of the pencils allows for a smooth and rapid laydown, making blending and shading effortless. These pencils can handle pressure and resist breakage, ensuring durability and reliability. Whether you’re layering colors, creating gradients, or shading intricate details, these pencils deliver a seamless and enjoyable drawing experience.

Chromaflow Soft Core Colour Pencils are suitable for both coloring and drawing, offering versatility for a range of artistic projects. Explore the rich and vibrant color palette to unleash your creativity and express yourself. These pencils are designed to bring fun and expressiveness to your artwork.


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Key Features:

  • The rich and vibrant color palette of Chromaflow Soft Core Colour Pencils provides a range of options for your artistic expression.
  • With their high pigmentation, these pencils produce striking results that even stand out on black paper.
  • The rapid and smooth laydown of the pencils allows for efficient and enjoyable drawing sessions.
  • The smooth texture of the pencils facilitates easy shading and blending of colors.
  • The soft core of the pencils resists breakage and can withstand pressure, ensuring their longevity.

Whether you’re a professional artist, an avid coloring enthusiast, or simply enjoy expressing your creativity, Chromaflow Soft Core Colour Pencils are a versatile and reliable choice. Enjoy the vibrant colors, smooth laydown, and ease of use as you bring your artistic visions to life.