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Pencil Lyra Rembrandt Carbon HB

Carbon is a specialized pencil designed for sketching and professional drawings that require strong and bold strokes. It is created using a unique combination of charcoal powder, graphite, oil, and wax, resulting in a distinctive tool with specific characteristics.

The Carbon pencil features a lead diameter of 5mm, which allows for thicker and more impactful lines. The pencil itself has a diameter of 8.5mm, providing a comfortable grip during use. The cross-section of the pencil is round, contributing to its ease of handling and maneuverability.

To ensure durability and longevity, the pencil is crafted with a natural cedar wood shaft, which not only provides strength but also adds a touch of elegance to its appearance. The pencil is finished with a black lacquer coating, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look.

The design of the Carbon pencil extends to its aesthetic details as well. The pencil features a silver mat print, which adds a subtle and refined element to its overall appearance. Additionally, the dipping of the pencil is done in gloss black, providing a smooth and polished surface.


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The dome of the Carbon pencil is also finished in gloss black, completing its stylish and professional look. This attention to detail in both design and finish makes the Carbon pencil a visually appealing tool that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

In summary, the Carbon pencil is a specialized tool for sketching and professional drawings that require strong strokes. Its unique composition of charcoal powder, graphite, oil, and wax results in a pencil with specific characteristics. With its 5mm lead diameter, 8.5mm pencil diameter, round cross-section, and natural cedar wood shaft, the Carbon pencil offers both strength and comfort during use. Its black lacquer finish, silver mat print, gloss black dipping, and dome contribute to its stylish and professional appearance.