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Pencil Lyra Rembrandt Charcoal Dry HB

The Lyra Rembrandt Charcoal Dry HB pencil is a high-quality charcoal pencil that offers excellent performance for your artwork. Here are the key features of this charcoal pencil:

Grade: HB: This charcoal pencil has an HB grade, indicating its hardness and darkness. HB is a versatile grade that provides a balance between light and dark tones, making it suitable for various drawing techniques.

Superior Quality: The pencil is made of superior quality materials, ensuring smooth and consistent performance on paper.

Smooth Movement: The charcoal pencil moves smoothly on paper, allowing for precise and controlled drawing.

Easy to Blend: It can be easily blurred and blended, making it perfect for creating smooth transitions and soft shading.

Easy to Sharpen: The pencil is easy to sharpen, ensuring a fine and pointed tip for detailed work.

Neat and Mess-Free: Unlike traditional charcoals, this charcoal pencil is neat and mess-free to use, making it ideal for sketches, outlines, and quick drawings.

Water-Soluble: The pencil is also water-soluble, allowing you to achieve interesting effects by blending or adding water to the drawings.

Durable Construction: The pencil is encased in a round casing made of shiny and tough black lacquered Mexican cedar wood, providing protection to the 5mm core of the pencil.

Pre-Sharpened: The pencil comes pre-sharpened, ready to use for your artistic endeavors.

Size: The length of the pencil is 175mm, providing a comfortable grip for drawing.

Use of Fixative: It is recommended to use fixative after completing your charcoal drawings to protect and preserve the artwork.


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Overall, the Lyra Rembrandt Charcoal Dry HB pencil is an excellent choice for artists who seek a reliable and versatile charcoal medium. Its smooth stroke, ease of blending, and water-soluble properties make it a valuable tool for various drawing styles and techniques, especially when speed and precision are required.