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Pencil Pitt Pastel Light Sepia

The Pitt Pastel Pencil in the “dark sepia” shade is designed to provide artists with a versatile tool for creating detailed pastel artwork. Here are the details about this pastel pencil:

Pitt Pastel Pencil, Dark Sepia:

  1. High Pigment Level: The Pitt pastel pencils are formulated with a high level of pigment, ensuring vibrant and intense color application in your artwork.
  2. Wax and Oil Free: These pastel pencils are wax and oil-free, which is particularly beneficial when working on fine details. The absence of wax and oil allows for clean and precise lines without compromising color purity.
  3. Suitable for Fine Details: The pencils are well-suited for rendering fine details in pastel drawings, providing the control and precision needed for intricate work.
  4. Complements Pastel Crayons: These pastel pencils are designed to complement Polychromos pastel crayons. They can be easily smudged to create smooth color transitions, making them a great companion to pastel crayons.
  5. Minimal Fixing Required: Only minimal fixing is required when using these pastel pencils. This means that pastel drawings made with these pencils can retain their vivid colors without extensive fixing.

Product Details:

  • Artists’ Pastel Pencil: The Pitt pastel pencil is designed specifically for artists, offering high-quality performance for professional and artistic use.
  • High-Quality Acid-Free Pigments: The pencils contain high-quality acid-free pigments that ensure bright and true-to-life colors in your artwork. The pigments are resistant to fading and deterioration over time.
  • Unsurpassed Lightfastness: The pigments used in these pencils have unsurpassed lightfastness, meaning they are resistant to fading when exposed to light, ensuring the longevity of your artwork.
  • Vibrant Color Laydown: The pastel pencils offer a vibrant color laydown, enabling you to create dynamic and expressive drawings.
  • Perfect for Smudging: These pencils are designed to be easily smudged, allowing for smooth color blending and transitions in your artwork.
  • Thick 4.3 mm Lead: The pastel pencils feature a thick 4.3 mm lead, providing ample material for both fine lines and broader strokes.
  • Suitable for Use with Fixatives: These pastel pencils can be used with fixatives to enhance the longevity of your pastel artwork.

In summary, the Pitt Pastel Pencil in dark sepia offers artists a versatile and high-quality tool for creating pastel drawings with fine details and vibrant colors. Its wax and oil-free formula, compatibility with pastel crayons, and suitability for smudging make it a valuable choice for artists who appreciate precision and expressive possibilities in their pastel artwork.


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