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Pencils Faber-Castell Aquarelle Eco Box 24 colours

The Watercolour EcoPencils set is a creative tool designed for artists and creators who enjoy using watercolors in their artwork. Here’s an overview of the key features and details of this set:

  1. Hexagonal Shape with Break-Resistant Lead: The pencils are classically designed with a hexagonal shape and feature a break-resistant lead. This design ensures both comfort during use and durability, reducing the likelihood of breakage during application.
  2. Water Colorable Pigments: The pencils are formulated with water-soluble pigments, allowing you to create watercolor effects using a brush and water. This feature enables artists to achieve beautiful washes, blends, and soft transitions by applying water to the colored areas.
  3. Ecopencils of Water-Soluble Colors: The pencils are classified as “ecopencils” due to their eco-friendly nature. They contain water-soluble colors, which means they can be transformed into watercolor-like washes when water is applied.
  4. Made with Reforested Wood: The pencils are manufactured using reforested wood, reflecting an environmentally conscious approach to sourcing materials.
  5. Highest Quality and Brightness Pigments: The pigments used in these pencils are of the highest quality, ensuring that your artwork is vibrant and visually striking.
  6. Smooth Trace and Intense Coloring Lead: The pencils offer a smooth trace during application and produce intense coloring. This results in vivid and well-defined lines and shading.
  7. Protected Against Rupture by SV Bonding Process: The lead in these pencils is protected against rupture through the SV bonding process. This process enhances the pencils’ durability and resilience, making them more resistant to breakage.
  8. Includes Sharpener and Brush: The set includes a sharpener and a brush, providing you with essential tools for maintaining the pencils and utilizing their watercolor capabilities.

In summary, the Watercolour EcoPencils set offers a unique combination of classic colored pencils and watercolor effects. With their water-soluble pigments, reforested wood, and watercolor capabilities, these pencils are tailored for artists who appreciate versatility and environmentally-friendly materials. The inclusion of a sharpener and brush adds practicality to the set, making it a comprehensive choice for artists looking to explore watercolor-style techniques with the convenience of colored pencils.


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