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Pencils Goldfaber Aqua Tin 24 colours

The Goldfaber Aqua Watercolour Pencil Tin of 24 provides artists with a versatile and compact set for watercolor-style artwork. Here’s a summary of the key features and details of this set:

  1. Watercolour Pencil: The pencils are designed specifically as watercolor pencils. They can be used as regular colored pencils or transformed into watercolor effects when water is applied.
  2. 3.3 mm Lead: With a lead diameter of 3.3 mm, these pencils offer a good balance between precision and versatility, suitable for various artistic applications.
  3. Excellent Lightfastness: The pencils are known for their excellent lightfastness, ensuring the longevity of your artwork’s colors even when exposed to light.
  4. Soft, Vibrant Colour Laydown: These pencils are recognized for their soft and vibrant color laydown, enabling smooth and expressive color application.
  5. Highly Pigmented and Fully Water Soluble Lead: The pencils are highly pigmented and can be fully dissolved with water. This feature allows artists to achieve watercolor effects like washes, blends, and layered colors by using a brush and water.
  6. High Break Resistance: The pencils are designed with high break resistance, a result of the secural bonding process (SV). This feature enhances their durability and reduces the risk of breakage.
  7. Easy to Sharpen: These pencils can be easily sharpened with standard pencil sharpeners, ensuring consistent performance throughout your creative process.
  8. Caution with Water: It’s recommended to avoid dipping watercolor pencils directly into water. Instead, apply water using a brush to control the watercolor effects.
  9. Tin of 24: The set is presented in a convenient tin containing 24 watercolor pencils. This compact and organized packaging makes it easy to transport and store your pencils.
  10. Individual Colors and Assorted Sets: In addition to the tin of 24, these watercolor pencils are available as individual colors and various assorted sets, providing flexibility for artists to customize their collection.

In summary, the Goldfaber Aqua Watercolour Pencil Tin of 24 offers a compact and practical set for artists interested in exploring watercolor-style techniques. With their water-soluble properties, excellent lightfastness, and a range of features, these pencils provide a versatile tool for creating vibrant and expressive artworks with both dry and wet techniques.


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