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Plastic Palette – Large

The Large Flat Plastic Kidney Palette is a spacious and practical palette designed for artists working with acrylics and oils. Its large size provides ample space for mixing and blending colors during painting sessions. Here are some key features of this plastic palette:

  1. Size: The palette measures approximately 30x43cm, offering a generous surface area for artists to work with and arrange their paints.
  2. Flat Kidney Shape: The palette is shaped like a flat kidney, with smooth and rounded edges for easy handling and a comfortable grip.
  3. Easy-to-Grip Thumb Hole: The palette is equipped with a thumb hole, making it easy to hold and control while painting.
  4. Material: Made from plastic, the palette is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. It allows for easy removal of dried paint once the artwork is complete.
  5. Suitable for Acrylics and Oils: The palette is designed to be compatible with both acrylic and oil paints, providing a versatile tool for artists who work with either medium.

The Large Flat Plastic Kidney Palette is an excellent choice for artists who need a spacious palette for their painting projects. Its ergonomic design and thumb hole make it comfortable to hold, and its large size allows for plenty of color mixing and arranging. Whether you are a professional artist or a student, this plastic palette can enhance your painting experience and make color blending and mixing a breeze.


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