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Prime Art Sketch Pad 120gsm – 36 sheets A3

The Prime Art Sketch Pad is a popular and reliable option for artists working with dry media. This pad is designed specifically for drawing and sketching, making it suitable for a wide range of artistic techniques.

The paper in this sketch pad is made with smooth 120gsm (grams per square meter) drawing cartridge, which provides a sturdy and durable surface for various dry media such as pencils, pens, charcoal, and pastels.

With 36 sheets per pad, artists have plenty of drawing paper to practice, experiment, and create multiple artworks. The pad’s compact size and ample sheet count make it convenient for artists to carry and work on-the-go.

The smooth surface of the paper allows for effortless mark-making, making it an excellent choice for artists who seek a refined and polished finish in their sketches and drawings.

In summary, the Prime Art Sketch Pad with 120gsm smooth drawing cartridge paper is a popular and versatile choice for artists working with dry media. Its durability, smooth surface, and generous sheet count provide artists with the necessary tools to bring their creative ideas to life in their sketches and drawings.


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