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Prime Art Stretch Canvas 380g

The PrimeArt Stretch Canvas 380g is a high-quality canvas designed to provide excellent value for artists seeking a reliable surface for their artwork. Here are the key features and details of this canvas:

  1. Kiln Dried Specially Selected Wood Frame: The canvas is stretched on a frame made from kiln-dried specially selected wood. Kiln drying removes excess moisture from the wood, ensuring maximum resistance to warping and bending. This results in a long-lasting and stable stretch canvas for the artwork.
  2. Corner Stretching Wedges: The canvas comes with corner stretching wedges, which allow artists to tighten the canvas easily. By inserting the wedges into the corner slots, the corners are pushed apart, effectively tightening any slack in the canvas.
  3. 380g Triple Primed 100% Cotton Canvas: The canvas is made from 100% cotton with a weight of 380 grams per square meter (gsm). It is triple primed, meaning it is coated with primer three times to create a smooth and paint-ready surface.
  4. Available in a Wide Range of Sizes: The PrimeArt Stretch Canvas 380g is available in various sizes, providing artists with options to choose the most suitable canvas size for their artistic needs.
  5. Ready for Oil and Acrylic Painting: The canvas is pre-primed and ready to paint on with both oil and acrylic paints, making it versatile for different painting techniques.
  6. Frame Profile: The frame has a profile size of 3.8cm x 1.7cm, offering a suitable depth for the canvas.
  7. Medium-Smooth Texture: The canvas surface features a medium-smooth texture, providing a balanced surface for various artistic styles and brushwork.


In summary, the PrimeArt Stretch Canvas 380g is a high-quality canvas that offers excellent value for artists. Its kiln-dried wood frame ensures stability and resistance to warping. The inclusion of corner stretching wedges allows for easy canvas tightening. The 380g triple primed 100% cotton canvas provides a smooth and paint-ready surface for both oil and acrylic painting. With a variety of available sizes and a medium-smooth texture, this canvas is a reliable choice for artists seeking a versatile surface to bring their creative visions to life.