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Princeton Catalyst Tool Wedge Grey #1

The Princeton Catalyst Tool Wedge is a versatile artistic tool that offers direct interaction with your work. Here are the key features and uses of this tool:

  1. Design: Catalyst Wedges are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, allowing for a direct and tactile experience with your artwork. The wedge shape provides versatility in application techniques.
  2. Material: The Catalyst Wedge is made from FDA-approved silicone, ensuring its safety for use in food crafting. The silicone material offers flexibility and durability, making it suitable for various artistic applications.
  3. Designed for Heavy-Bodied Acrylics and Oil Paint: The Catalyst Wedge is specifically designed to work well with heavy-bodied acrylic paints and oil paints. Its shape and flexibility allow for a range of techniques and effects in your artwork.
  4. Suitable for Encaustics: Similar to other Catalyst tools, the Wedge is heat resistant, making it suitable for use with encaustics. Encaustic painting involves working with heated wax-based paints, and the heat-resistant nature of the silicone material allows for safe and effective use.
  5. Versatile Applications: The Catalyst Wedge can be used in a variety of artistic endeavors. Its direct interaction with the artwork allows for precise and expressive mark-making. The tool is suitable for heavy-bodied acrylics, oil paints, encaustics, and can be utilized in food crafting as well.
  6. Easy to Clean: The silicone material of the Catalyst Wedge is easy to clean. Paint can be wiped off or washed off with mild soap and water. The flexibility of the silicone allows for easy removal of dried paint.


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In summary, the Princeton Catalyst Tool Wedge offers artists a versatile and interactive tool for working with heavy-bodied acrylics, oil paints, and encaustics. Its design allows for direct interaction with the artwork, providing artists with precise control and expressive mark-making capabilities. The Wedge’s versatility and FDA-approved silicone construction make it a valuable tool for various artistic techniques and even food crafting endeavors.