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QoR Watercolor Introductory Set of 6

The QoR Watercolor Introductory Set of 12 is a premium watercolor set created by Golden Artist Colors. These watercolors are designed to meet the needs of professional artists, providing exceptional quality and performance.

One of the unique aspects of QoR Watercolors is their formulation, which accentuates the luminosity and brilliance of the pigments even after the paint has dried. This ensures that the colors in the artwork remain vibrant and lively, capturing the essence of the artist’s vision.

QoR Watercolors offer the subtlety, transparency, and flow characteristic of excellent watercolors, while also boasting colors that have the same vibrancy and intensity as the best acrylic or oil paints. This combination of watercolor traits and the boldness of acrylic or oil paints makes QoR Watercolors stand out as a versatile and exciting medium for artists to work with.

Set Includes: Hansa Yellow Light, Phthalo Blue (GS), Ultramarine Blue, Pyrrole Red Light, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna (Natural)


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In summary, the QoR Watercolor Introductory Set of 12 offers professional artist-quality watercolors with luminous and vibrant colors that remain brilliant even after drying. Its unique characteristics, combining the best of watercolors, acrylics, and oil paints, make it an exciting and dynamic choice for artists looking to explore and express their creativity with exceptional watercolor pigments.