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QoR Watercolor Mini Half Pan of 6 – Reflective

The QoR Watercolor Mini Half Pan of 6 – Reflective is an exciting set of mica-based watercolors that offer a unique and reflective quality to artworks. The set includes a total of six colors, with three iridescent colors and three All-NEW interference colors. These special pigments add a range of visual effects to watercolor paintings, expanding the artist’s creative possibilities.

The iridescent colors in the set are Iridescent Gold (Fine), Iridescent Pearl (Fine), and Iridescent Silver (Fine). These colors contain mica particles that create a beautiful shimmering effect when viewed from different angles, resembling the lustrous appearance of natural minerals and gems.

The set also includes three All-NEW interference colors: Interference Violet, Interference Blue, and Interference Green. Interference colors are fascinating because they change their appearance depending on the angle and lighting conditions. They can create an illusion of different colors interacting with the surface, adding depth and visual interest to the artwork.

The reflective nature of these mica-based paints brings a captivating dimension to watercolor artworks, making them more dynamic and visually intriguing.

In addition to the six colors provided in the set, it also includes six empty half pans. These empty pans allow artists to customize their palette by filling them with other QoR watercolors or their preferred paints.

Overall, the QoR Watercolor Mini Half Pan of 6 – Reflective is a fantastic choice for artists looking to explore the world of reflective and iridescent effects in their watercolor paintings. The unique characteristics of these mica-based colors open up a wide range of creative possibilities, making this set a valuable addition to any watercolor artist’s toolkit.


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