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Reeves Pastel Pad A4

The Reeves Pastel Pad in A4 size is a high-quality artist paper specially designed for pastels and other dry media. This pad offers a reliable and versatile surface for artists to create their pastel artworks.

One of the essential features of this pad is that it is acid-free. Acid-free paper ensures that the artwork will not yellow or deteriorate over time, making it ideal for archival purposes and long-term preservation.

The paper in this pad is specifically formulated to work well with pastels. It provides the right amount of tooth and texture, allowing pastels to adhere effectively to the surface while also enabling artists to achieve various effects and layering techniques.

The A4 size of the pad provides a convenient canvas for artists to work on, offering enough space to create detailed and expressive pastel artworks.

Moreover, this versatile paper is not limited to pastels; it is also suitable for other dry media such as pens, chalks, and even various craft activities. This makes the Reeves Pastel Pad a practical choice for artists who like to experiment with different mediums and techniques.

In summary, the Reeves Pastel Pad A4 is a high-quality artist paper that meets the demands of pastel artists. Its acid-free nature, compatibility with various dry media, and dedication to producing excellent pastel artwork make it a trusted and valuable tool for artists of all levels.


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