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Rembrandt Kneadable Eraser

The Rembrandt Kneadable Eraser, produced by Lyra, is a versatile and creative tool used by artists to refine their artwork. Unlike traditional pink vinyl or rubber erasers, kneadable erasers are made of a pliable putty-like material that can be shaped, stretched, molded, and compressed. This makes them highly adaptable for various artistic purposes.

Key features of the Rembrandt Kneadable Eraser include:

  1. Charcoal and Chalk Erasing: The eraser is particularly useful for removing charcoal and chalk from larger surfaces, making it ideal for artists who work with these media.
  2. No Smudges: When used properly, the kneadable eraser leaves no smudges on the paper, ensuring a clean and neat appearance to the final artwork.
  3. Shaping Flexibility: Artists can easily shape the eraser into the desired form, allowing for precise erasing and highlighting. It is especially handy for creating highlights and fine details in drawings made with graphite, charcoal, pastels, and chalk.
  4. Plastic Case: The eraser comes in a convenient plastic case, which helps keep it pliable and soft, ensuring its longevity and usability over time.
  5. Creative Applications: Apart from its primary use in erasing and refining drawings, kneadable erasers offer a fun and creative outlet. Artists can use them for entertainment purposes, like making small sculptures or even bouncy balls. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that once the eraser picks up dirt or debris from such activities, it may not be suitable for use on artwork anymore.


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Overall, the Rembrandt Kneadable Eraser is a valuable tool for artists working with various dry media, as it provides precise control over erasing and highlighting, and its versatility extends to creative and playful applications. As with any eraser or art tool, artists should always test it on a separate surface before using it on their final artwork to ensure it meets their expectations and requirements.