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Rhodia PA Scribe Calligraphy Pad Grey

The Rhodia PA Scribe Calligraphy Pad in Grey is a high-quality notepad designed specifically for calligraphy. Here are the key features and specifications of this pad:

  1. Paper Type: The pad features 55 lb smooth grey Maya® paper, which is a deep-dyed paper made of cellulose. Maya paper is known for its smooth surface, making it particularly suitable for calligraphy.
  2. Paper Weight: The paper weight is 55 lb, which is equivalent to approximately 80 gsm (grams per square meter). This weight indicates that the paper is of moderate thickness, providing a good balance between durability and flexibility.
  3. Acid-Free and pH Neutral: The paper is acid-free, ensuring that it will not deteriorate or yellow over time. It is also pH neutral, further contributing to its archival quality.
  4. Vegan Friendly: The paper is made from cellulose, making it vegan-friendly and suitable for artists with ethical considerations.
  5. Notepad Format: The pad is head-stapled, providing a secure binding for the pages.
  6. Size: The pad is in A4+ portrait format, measuring 8.3×12.5 cm. This size offers a generous canvas for calligraphy work.
  7. Sheet Count: The pad contains 60 detachable microperforated sheets, allowing easy removal of finished calligraphy pieces.
  8. Grey Lined Ruling: The paper has horizontal 6 mm grey lined ruling on both sides, providing a guide for even and consistent calligraphy lettering.
  9. Line Thickness: The ruling line thickness is 0.1 pt, offering precision for calligraphy strokes.
  10. Stiff Back Cover: The pad features a stiff back cover, providing stability and support while working on calligraphy projects.


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The Rhodia PA Scribe Calligraphy Pad in Grey is an excellent choice for calligraphers who want a reliable, smooth, and versatile surface to practice and create their artistic lettering. The grey color of the paper adds an aesthetic touch, and the microperforated sheets make it convenient to tear out finished calligraphy pieces for display or presentation.