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Sansodor Solvent 250ml

Sansodor Solvent is a 250ml product that serves as a low-odor solvent, primarily designed for use with oil and alkyd colors. Here are the key features and uses of this solvent:


  1. Low Odor: Sansodor Solvent is formulated to have a low odor, making it more pleasant to use compared to traditional solvents like turpentine, which can have strong and potentially harmful fumes.
  2. Slow Evaporation: The solvent evaporates slowly, which is beneficial for artists who need extended blending time while working with oil colors. This slow evaporation allows for smoother blending and gradual color transitions.


  1. Thinning Oil Colors: Sansodor Solvent is used for thinning oil colors to achieve the desired consistency and transparency. It can be added to oil paints to make them more fluid and suitable for techniques like glazing and washes.
  2. Cleaning Brushes: This solvent is effective for cleaning oil and alkyd paint from artists’ brushes. It helps to dissolve and remove paint residues, making brush cleaning easier and prolonging the life of the brushes.
  3. Alternative to Turpentine: Sansodor Solvent provides a safer alternative for artists who prefer to avoid exposure to the stronger fumes of traditional solvents like turpentine. Its low odor makes it a more user-friendly option.
  4. Blending Medium for Colored Pencils: Interestingly, this solvent can also be used as a blending medium for colored pencils. When applied to colored pencil artwork, it can help soften and blend the colors together, creating smooth transitions and enhancing the overall appearance of the artwork.


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Overall, Sansodor Solvent is a versatile and useful product for artists working with oil and alkyd colors. Its slow evaporation and low odor characteristics make it a valuable tool for achieving various artistic effects while ensuring a more comfortable and safer working environment. As with any art product, it is essential to use solvents responsibly and in well-ventilated areas to ensure safety during the artistic process.