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Serviette Brush – Round

The Serviette Round Brush with a red handle is a versatile and practical synthetic brush designed for artists working with various art mediums. Here are the key features and recommended uses for this brush:

  1. Synthetic Bristles: The brush is made with high-quality synthetic bristles, which are engineered to replicate the performance of natural brushes while being more affordable and suitable for different painting techniques.
  2. Short Handles: The Serviette Round Brush is equipped with short handles, providing artists with better control and the ability to work up close to their artwork.
  3. Suitable for Various Mediums: This brush is compatible with a wide range of art mediums, making it a valuable tool for artists who work in different styles and techniques. It is suitable for:
    • Acrylics: The synthetic bristles are well-suited to handle the thicker consistency of acrylic paint, making it effective for laying down washes, filling in areas, and creating various lines in acrylic artworks.
    • Oil: The Serviette Round Brush can be used for oil painting, allowing artists to achieve smooth blending, lay down washes, and create lines of different sizes in their oil paintings.
    • Watercolor: Its adaptability extends to watercolor painting, where it can be used to lay down washes, create fills, and produce various lines and details with watercolors.
    • Gouache: The brush is also suitable for working with gouache, providing artists with the means to apply this opaque watercolor effectively.


  1. Round Brush Shape: The Serviette Round Brush has a round shape, which is highly versatile and adaptable. Its round pointed tip allows for precise control, making it suitable for laying down washes, filling in areas, and creating lines of various sizes in artworks.
  2. Ideal for Drawing and Filling Large Areas: With its round shape and versatility, the brush is particularly well-suited for drawing and filling in large areas in artworks. It can handle different painting techniques, providing artists with the flexibility to create various effects on their canvas.

In conclusion, the Serviette Round Brush with a red handle is a synthetic brush with short handles, suitable for acrylics, oil, watercolor, and gouache. Its round shape and adaptability make it an essential tool for artists who require precise control for laying down washes, filling in areas, and creating lines of different sizes in their artworks, particularly when drawing and working with large areas.