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SOLO Goya Masking Marker

Solo Goya Masking Markers are a convenient and versatile tool used for creating watercolor effects with hand lettering elements. Here are the key features and uses of these markers:


  1. Removable Scratch Crepe: The markers contain a rubber-like liquid that acts as a removable scratch crepe. This allows artists to mask off certain areas on their preferred surface, preventing paint or ink from adhering to those masked areas during the painting process.
  2. Quick Drying: Once applied to the surface, the masking liquid dries quickly, allowing artists to proceed with their artwork without significant waiting times.
  3. Overpainting with Solo Goya Aqua Markers: After the masking liquid has dried, artists can paint over it with Solo Goya Aqua Markers or other water-based mediums. The masked areas will resist the paint, creating interesting watercolor effects when the masking is removed later.
  4. Rub Off Residue-Free: Once the paint has dried and the artwork is complete, the masking can be rubbed off the surface residue-free. This reveals the masked areas, leaving behind crisp and clean white spaces in the artwork.



  1. Watercolor Effects and Hand Lettering: Solo Goya Masking Markers are excellent for creating watercolor effects in your artwork. By masking off certain areas before painting, artists can achieve beautiful and spontaneous watercolor washes and blends.
  2. Hand Lettering Elements: These markers are ideal for hand lettering projects where clean and precise edges are desired. The markers allow artists to create filigree lines with the fine tip and larger surfaces or broader motifs with the medium tip.
  3. Convenient and Precise: The markers offer a quick, simple, and precise way to mask off areas in your artwork, providing control over the application of paint or ink.
  4. Available in Fine and Medium Tips: The Solo Goya Masking Markers are available in fine and medium tip sizes, providing options for different line widths and artistic styles.

These masking markers are a valuable addition to any artist’s toolkit, especially for those working with watercolor and hand lettering techniques. They offer a user-friendly way to create interesting effects and add depth to watercolor artworks, making them a popular choice among artists who enjoy experimenting with different artistic approaches.