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System 3 Angle Shader

The System 3 Angle Shader Brush is a synthetic brush known for its resilience, durability, and excellent snap and spring. Here are the key features and recommended uses for this brush:

  1. Synthetic Hair: The brush is made with synthetic hair, which is a durable and versatile material for art brushes. Synthetic brushes are also more affordable and suitable for various painting techniques.
  2. Resilient and Durable: The synthetic hair used in the brush provides resilience and durability, ensuring that the brush maintains its shape and performance even after prolonged use.
  3. Good Snap and Spring: “Snap” refers to the brush’s ability to return to its original shape after being bent, and “spring” refers to the brush’s ability to bounce back quickly. These characteristics allow for more precise and controlled brushstrokes.
  4. Angle Shader Shape: The brush has an angled shape, featuring slanted bristles that form a sharp edge. The angle shader brush is particularly useful for producing tight shading and curved strokes.
  5. Versatility: The angle shader brush is a versatile tool that can be used for various painting techniques. It excels in painting or blending in small areas and corners, making it ideal for adding intricate details to artworks.
  6. Double-Loaded and Side-Loaded: The brush can easily be double-loaded and side-loaded, meaning you can load different colors on each side of the brush or load multiple colors on the same side, enabling artists to create interesting color blends and effects.
  7. Ideal for Thin to Medium Flow Acrylics: The System 3 Angle Shader Brush is well-suited for thin to medium flow acrylic paints. Its shape and characteristics make it excellent for achieving detailed work and smooth blends with these paint types.


In summary, the System 3 Angle Shader Brush with synthetic hair is a resilient and durable tool with good snap and spring. Its angled shape allows for tight shading, curved strokes, and working in small areas and corners. This brush is highly versatile and can be used with thin to medium flow acrylics, making it a valuable addition to any artist’s collection, especially for those who need precision and control in their artwork.