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System 3 Short Flat

The System 3 Short Flat Brush is a synthetic brush designed for its resilience, durability, and excellent snap and spring. Here are the key features and recommended uses for this brush:

  1. Synthetic Hair: The brush is made with synthetic hair, which is known for its durability, versatility, and affordability. Synthetic brushes are a popular choice among artists for various painting techniques.
  2. Resilient and Durable: The synthetic hair used in the brush ensures that it remains resilient and durable, maintaining its shape and performance even with frequent use.
  3. Good Snap and Spring: The brush has good snap and spring, meaning it has the ability to return to its original shape after being bent and quickly bounces back, allowing for precise and controlled brushstrokes.
  4. Short Flat Brush Shape: The brush has a short flat shape with a straight edge. This flat shape is highly versatile and well-suited for blending colors, applying washes, and creating glazes.
  5. Ideal for Acrylics: The System 3 Short Flat Brush is particularly ideal for thin to medium flow acrylics. Its shape and characteristics make it effective in producing broad strokes with sharp edges in acrylic paintings.
  6. Suitable for Blending and Washes: The flat shape of the brush is ideal for blending colors together smoothly and applying washes to create even and transparent layers of paint.


In summary, the System 3 Short Flat Brush with synthetic hair is a resilient and durable tool with good snap and spring. Its flat shape makes it a versatile brush, suitable for blending colors, applying washes, and creating glazes in acrylic paintings. Its compatibility with thin to medium flow acrylics makes it an excellent choice for artists who require precision and control in their artwork. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this brush can be a valuable asset to enhance your acrylic painting techniques.