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System 3 Skyflow

The System 3 Skyflow Brush is a synthetic brush known for its resilience, durability, and excellent snap and spring. Here are the key features and recommended uses for this brush:

  1. Synthetic Hair: The brush is made with synthetic hair, which ensures durability, versatility, and affordability. Synthetic brushes are a popular choice among artists for various painting techniques.
  2. Resilient and Durable: The synthetic hair used in the brush makes it resilient and durable, allowing it to maintain its shape and performance even with frequent use.
  3. Good Snap and Spring: The brush has good snap and spring, meaning it can return to its original shape after being bent and quickly bounces back, enabling precise and controlled brushstrokes.
  4. Skyflow Extra Wide Flat Wash Brush: The Skyflow brush is designed as an extra wide flat wash brush. This means it has a large surface area, making it ideal for covering extensive areas quickly and efficiently.
  5. Holds a Lot of Color: The brush has the capacity to hold a significant amount of paint, allowing artists to cover large areas without frequent reloading.
  6. Precise Strokes: Despite its size, the Skyflow brush is designed to produce precise strokes, allowing for detailed work even over large areas.
  7. Ideal for Mural Painting: The Skyflow brush is particularly well-suited for mural painting projects. Its large size and capacity to hold a lot of paint make it an excellent tool for covering expansive surfaces in mural artwork.
  8. Suitable for Thin to Medium Flow Acrylics: The brush is recommended for use with thin to medium flow acrylic paints, providing optimal performance and control with these paint types.


In summary, the System 3 Skyflow Brush with synthetic hair is a resilient and durable tool with good snap and spring. Its extra wide flat wash brush design allows it to hold a lot of color and produce precise strokes over large areas, making it ideal for mural painting with thin to medium flow acrylics. Whether you are an artist working on large-scale projects or seeking to cover extensive surfaces, this brush can be a valuable asset for achieving detailed and efficient results.