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System 3 Spotter #10/0

The System 3 Spotter #10/0 is a specialized brush designed for fine detail work in fine art. Here are the key features and benefits of this brush:

  1. Synthetic Hair: The brush is made with synthetic hair, which ensures durability, versatility, and competitive pricing. Synthetic brushes are an excellent choice for fine art students and experienced artists alike.
  2. Spotter Shape: The Spotter brush has a round shape with a very fine point, specifically designed for creating precise and detailed strokes.
  3. Fine Detail Work: The Spotter #10/0 is ideal for fine detail work, making it perfect for portraiture and other delicate painting techniques.
  4. Ideal for Delicate Techniques: The brush’s fine point and synthetic hair make it suitable for achieving delicate techniques that may not be achievable with traditional hog bristle brushes.
  5. High-Quality Natural Hairs Added: The System 3 brush range also includes high-quality natural hairs in addition to synthetic brushes. This offers experienced artists a wide selection of brushes for different painting styles and preferences.
  6. Long Handled Brushes: The brush range also includes long-handled brushes with stiffer filaments, catering to artists using heavier-bodied acrylics. These brushes provide better control and handling with thicker paints.


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In summary, the System 3 Spotter #10/0 is a specialized brush designed for fine detail work in fine art, particularly for portraiture and delicate techniques. Its synthetic hair and fine point offer artists precise control and the ability to achieve intricate details in their artwork. The broader System 3 brush range includes both synthetic and natural hair brushes, catering to artists of all levels and preferences.