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Talens Acrylic Varnish Spray Matt 400ml

Talens Acrylic Varnish Spray Matt is a 400ml aerosol spray designed for providing durable protection to oil and acrylic paintings as a final varnish. Here are the key features and instructions for using this product:


  1. Composition: The varnish is composed of acrylic resin, white spirit, turpentine oil, and matting agents (silicas).
  2. Durable Protection: The primary purpose of this varnish is to offer durable protection to oil and acrylic paintings, serving as a final varnish layer to shield the artwork from dust, dirt, and other environmental factors.
  3. Drying Time: The varnish should be applied only when the paint film has completely dried. For oil colors with a normal layer thickness, this is typically after approximately 1 year. For acrylic paint, it is recommended to wait for 4 to 5 days before applying the varnish.
  4. Application Technique: If applying the varnish with a brush, it should be done in one layer and in one direction to achieve a smooth and even finish.
  5. Not Suitable for Strongly Absorbent Grounds: The varnish is not recommended for use on surfaces that are strongly absorbent.
  6. Non-Yellowing: The varnish is designed not to yellow over time, helping to maintain the true colors of the painting.
  7. Flexibility: This varnish is more flexible than the Picture varnish matt 003, offering improved flexibility and protection for the painted surface.
  8. Matte Finish: The varnish produces a matte look, giving the painting a non-glossy appearance.
  9. Mixing with Acrylic Varnish Glossy 114: Mixing this varnish with Acrylic Varnish Glossy 114 can increase the degree of gloss if desired.
  10. Thinning and Cleaning: The varnish can be thinned with white spirit or turpentine, and brushes can be cleaned with white spirit or turpentine.
  11. Removal of Dry Varnish Coats: Dry varnish coats can be removed using white spirit or turpentine if needed.
  12. Shake Well Before Use: Before using the spray, it’s essential to shake the can well to ensure proper mixing of the varnish.
  13. Flammable: The varnish is flammable, and in spray can form, it is extremely flammable. It should be handled with care and stored away from sources of heat or flame.


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Talens Acrylic Varnish Spray Matt offers artists a convenient and efficient way to protect their oil and acrylic paintings with a durable final varnish layer. Following the provided instructions ensures the best results and the preservation of the artwork for years to come.