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Talens Art Creation Charcoal Sticks 10’s 14cm

The Talens Art Creation Charcoal Sticks set offers artists a high-quality natural drawing medium made from willow branches. Here are the key features of this set:

Charcoal Sticks: The set includes 10 charcoal sticks, each measuring 14cm in length. These sticks are made from the highest quality willow branches, ensuring a consistent and reliable drawing experience.

Natural Product: Charcoal is a natural material, and the sticks in this set retain the rich texture and depth that comes from using organic materials.

Drawing Versatility: Charcoal sticks are versatile drawing tools that allow artists to create a wide range of effects and styles. They are perfect for standalone drawings or as a base for paintings, offering a dark and expressive mark on paper.

Artistic Medium: Charcoal is favored by many artists for its unique ability to create bold, expressive lines, as well as soft and subtle shading. It is an excellent choice for both expressive and detailed work.

Size: The charcoal sticks in this set are 14cm in length, providing a comfortable size for drawing and handling.

Suitable for Various Surfaces: These charcoal sticks can be used on various drawing surfaces, such as paper, canvas, and more.

Art Creation Series: The set is part of the Talens Art Creation series, which is known for providing quality art materials at an affordable price, making them ideal for beginners and hobbyists.

Professional Results: Despite being an affordable option, the high-quality willow charcoal sticks in this set can produce professional-level results in the hands of skilled artists.


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Whether you’re creating expressive sketches, adding depth to a painting, or experimenting with various drawing techniques, the Talens Art Creation Charcoal Sticks set offers a reliable and classic drawing medium that will enhance your artistic expression.