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Talens Art Creation Gouache Set 12 x 12ml

The Talens Art Creation Gouache Set is a versatile collection of 12 gouache colors, each in a 12ml tube. It offers a basic yet diverse palette of colors that allows artists to create various paintings. The set is designed with convenience in mind, as the compact tube size makes it ideal for studio use or for artists on the go. Talens Art Creation also offers other sets, such as sets with 8 and 24 tubes, as well as a starter set that contains everything needed for beginners to embark on their painting journey.

Gouache is known for its opaque and velvety finish, making it a popular choice among artists who desire solid, flat colors in their paintings. The set’s color selection provides essential primary and secondary colors, along with additional hues for mixing and creating various shades.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, the Talens Art Creation Gouache Set offers a convenient and practical option for exploring the world of gouache painting. With this set, artists can experiment with different techniques and enjoy the versatility that gouache offers, making it a great addition to any artist’s supplies.



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Here are the 12 colors included in the Talens Art Creation Gouache Set:

  1. 100 White
  2. 205 Lemon Yellow (Primary)
  3. 201 Light Yellow
  4. 334 Scarlet
  5. 362 Deep Rose
  6. 512 Cobalt Blue (Ultramarine)
  7. 501 Light Blue (Cyan)
  8. 602 Deep Green
  9. 227 Yellow Ochre
  10. 411 Burnt Sienna
  11. 409 Burnt Umber
  12. 700 Black