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Talens Art Creation Watercolour Set 24 x 12ml

The Talens Art Creation Watercolour Set of 12 x 12ml tubes is a versatile and convenient watercolor paint set that offers a great basic palette of colors for artists to create various paintings. The set includes 12 tubes of watercolor paint, each containing 12ml of paint.

The convenient size of the tubes makes them ideal for use in the studio or for artists on the go, making it easy to carry and travel with. This portability allows artists to continue their watercolor painting practice wherever they are inspired.

The set includes a well-balanced selection of colors, providing a foundation for artists to create a wide range of hues and shades in their artwork. Contents: 24 x 12 ml tubes (108 Chinese White – 205 Lemon Yellow (Primary) – 200 Yellow – 235 Orange – 311 Vermilion – 334 Scarlet – 326 Alizarin Crimson – 318 Carmine – 536 Violet – 504 Ultramarine – 512 Cobalt Blue (Ultramarine) – 535 Cerulean Blue (Phthalo) – 508 Prussian Blue – 617 Yellowish Green – 601 Light Green – 602 Deep Green – 623 Sap Green – 227 Yellow Ochre – 234 Raw Sienna – 411 Burnt Sienna – 409 Burnt Umber – 408 Raw Umber – 708 Payne’s Grey – 701 Ivory Black).

Talens Art Creation also offers other watercolor sets to cater to different needs and preferences. These include sets of 8 and 24 tubes, a pocket box for easy transport, and a starter set that provides everything an artist needs to begin their watercolor painting journey.

Overall, the Talens Art Creation Watercolour Set 12 x 12ml is a practical and well-curated watercolor paint set, suitable for artists at various skill levels. With its compact size and range of colors, it offers artists the tools they need to express their creativity and embark on their watercolor painting adventure.


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