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Tombow Mono Sand Eraser

The Tombow Mono Sand Eraser is a specialized eraser designed to remove colored pencil and ink marks from various surfaces, including paper. It is made with natural rubber latex and contains silica grit, which gives it an abrasive quality that aids in lifting and removing marks.

Key features of the Tombow Mono Sand Eraser include:

  1. Natural Rubber Latex and Silica Grit: The eraser’s composition includes natural rubber latex and silica grit. The silica grit provides an abrasive texture, which makes it effective in removing stubborn marks like colored pencil and certain types of ink, such as ballpoint and rollerball ink.
  2. Versatile Mark Removal: The Mono Sand Eraser is particularly well-suited for erasing colored pencil marks and various types of ink marks. It can be used on different paper types and surfaces.
  3. All-Natural Materials: The eraser is produced using all-natural materials, which can be a consideration for users who prefer eco-friendly and biodegradable products.
  4. Recycled Pulp Sleeve: The eraser comes with a sleeve made from recycled pulp, adding to its environmentally conscious design.

It’s important to note that due to its abrasive nature, the Mono Sand Eraser may not be suitable for use on delicate or sensitive paper surfaces, as it could potentially cause damage. Additionally, as with any eraser, it’s advisable to test it on a small, inconspicuous area before using it on your final artwork or important documents to ensure it performs as expected.

The Tombow Mono Sand Eraser is a valuable tool for artists, students, and anyone who frequently works with colored pencils or ink. Its abrasive properties make it effective at removing marks that standard erasers might struggle to erase, providing a practical solution for clean and precise revisions.


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