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Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Refill 2 pcs

The Tombow Mono Zero Eraser is an extremely popular and innovative eraser pen designed for artists and anyone who requires precise erasing in their work. It comes with two different tip options: a Round tip with a 2.3 mm diameter and a Rectangular tip with dimensions of 2.5 x 5 mm. These tips are essential tools for professional or recreational use that requires pinpoint erasing.

Key features of the Tombow Mono Zero Eraser include:

  1. Refillable: The eraser pens are designed to be easily refillable, making them a sustainable and cost-effective choice for artists who frequently use them.
  2. Variety of Colored Casings: The slim casings of the eraser pens are available in a variety of different colors, allowing users to choose their preferred style.
  3. Precision Erasing: The Mono Zero Eraser provides precision erasing capabilities, making it ideal for fine details and intricate work.
  4. 2-Piece Refills: The eraser pens come with two-piece refills, ensuring that users have enough eraser material to last for an extended period.
  5. Award-Winning Design: The Mono Zero Eraser has been recognized for its design excellence and received awards such as the iF product design award 2010 and the red dot design award 2010.

The Tombow Mono Zero Eraser is a valuable tool for artists who require accuracy and control in their erasing. Whether it’s for drawing, sketching, drafting, or other artistic endeavors, the precise tips of the eraser pens allow for clean and detailed corrections. The eraser pens’ refillable feature adds to their convenience and eco-friendliness. As with any art tool, it’s always essential to test it on a separate piece of paper before using it on your final artwork to ensure it meets your expectations.