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Triton Acrylic Paint Marker Blue

The Kreul Triton Acrylic Paint Markers offer artists a versatile and precise tool for adding detailed and graphic design elements to various surfaces. Here’s an overview of the key features and benefits of these acrylic paint markers:

  1. Complement to Traditional Tools: These acrylic paint markers serve as a complementary addition to an artist’s brush and spatula, providing a convenient way to add fine details and graphic elements to artworks.
  2. Detailed and Graphic Design: The markers are particularly suited for adding intricate details and graphic elements to your creations, allowing for precision and control in your designs.
  3. Range of Colors: The markers come in a range of 12 colors, providing a variety of options to suit your artistic needs.
  4. Versatile Surfaces: The markers are suitable for a multitude of paintable surfaces, including canvas, carton, paper, stone, and metal. This versatility allows for creativity across various mediums.
  5. Shape-Keeping Tips: The markers are equipped with shape-keeping tips that ensure precise lines and consistent results. The tips also offer the advantage of being exchangeable and easy to clean.
  6. Even and Exact Paint Flow: A high-grade ventilation system ensures an even and precise paint flow, contributing to the quality of your artwork.
  7. Functional Cap Design: The functional cap design makes opening and closure of the markers easy and secure, helping to preserve the quality of the paint.
  8. Acrylic Paint on Water Base: The markers use acrylic paint on a water base, offering a blend of water solubility and acrylic durability.
  9. Matte Finish: The paint dries to a matte finish, contributing to the aesthetic quality of your artworks.
  10. Color Intensity and Luminosity: The markers offer high color intensity and brilliant luminosity, ensuring that your creations stand out.
  11. Lightfast Pigments: The paint contains lightfast pigments, ensuring that your artworks retain their vibrancy and quality over time.
  12. Good Opacity: The markers provide good opacity values, allowing for vibrant and consistent coverage.
  13. Weather-Proof on Absorptive Surfaces: The paint is weather-proof on absorptive surfaces, providing longevity and durability for outdoor and indoor applications.
  14. Nib Width of 1-4mm: The markers feature a nib width of 1-4mm, offering a range of line thicknesses for your designs.
  15. Made in Germany: The markers are manufactured in Germany, ensuring a high standard of quality.

The Kreul Triton Acrylic Paint Markers are a valuable tool for artists looking to enhance their artworks with detailed and graphic design elements. Their versatility, range of colors, and precision capabilities make them a valuable addition to any artist’s toolkit, allowing for creativity across various surfaces and projects.


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