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Waterbrush with Cylinder Medium

The Mont Mart Waterbrush with a Cylinder Medium is a convenient and versatile tool for artists working with watercolors or ink. Here are the key features and benefits of this waterbrush:

  1. Refillable Watercolor Brush Pen: The waterbrush is designed as a pen with a brush tip, allowing artists to work directly with watercolors or ink without the need for a separate water container.
  2. Includes a Barrel: The waterbrush comes with a barrel that can be filled with water or ink. This eliminates the need to constantly dip the brush into a water container or inkwell, making it more convenient and efficient to use.
  3. Continuous Drawing or Painting: By refilling the barrel with water or ink, artists can continue drawing or painting without interruptions. This is particularly useful when working outdoors or on the go, where carrying a separate water container might not be practical.
  4. Screw Cap for Easy Refilling: The waterbrush is designed with a screw cap to securely hold the liquid in the barrel. It ensures that the water or ink does not leak and provides a simple and mess-free refilling process.
  5. Controlled Flow: Artists can control the flow of water or ink by gently squeezing the barrel. This allows for precise control over the amount of liquid released onto the paper, giving artists greater control over their painting techniques.


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In summary, the Mont Mart Waterbrush with a Cylinder Medium is a refillable watercolor brush pen that offers convenience and ease of use for artists working with watercolors or ink. With the included barrel, artists can fill it with water or ink, eliminating the need for a separate water container and enabling continuous drawing or painting. The screw cap ensures easy and secure refilling, while the ability to control the flow of liquid allows for precise and controlled brushwork. This waterbrush is a practical and efficient tool for artists who enjoy working with watercolors or ink on the go or in outdoor settings.