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Winsor & Newton Canvas 20×24″ (50x60cm)

Winsor & Newton Canvas, measuring 20×24 inches (50x60cm), is designed to offer a high-performance surface for artists seeking top-quality materials for their artwork. The canvas comes with several features to ensure its performance and durability.

Key features of Winsor & Newton Canvas:

  1. Titanium dioxide gesso primer: The canvas is coated with a gesso primer that contains titanium dioxide. This primer ensures perfect coverage on the medium-textured surface, providing an ideal base for painting with various mediums, such as acrylics or oils. The use of titanium dioxide in the primer helps enhance the canvas’s brightness and opacity, allowing the colors to stand out vividly.
  2. Hand-stretched for high tension: The canvas is hand-stretched, which means it is carefully and precisely stretched across the frame by hand. This process ensures high tension on the canvas, providing a taut and even surface for painting. The tautness of the canvas is essential to prevent any sagging or buckling while working on the artwork.
  3. Uncut tailored corners and wood keys: The canvas has uncut tailored corners, which means the canvas is neatly folded and tucked at the corners for a clean and professional appearance. Additionally, the canvas comes with wood keys that can be inserted into the corners of the stretcher bars. These wood keys allow for manual re-tensioning of the canvas if needed. As the canvas may loosen over time due to environmental factors, the wood keys help artists maintain the tension and ensure a consistent painting surface.
  4. Fine kiln-dried wood stretcher bars: The canvas is stretched on fine kiln-dried wood stretcher bars. Kiln-drying is a process that removes excess moisture from the wood, making it less susceptible to warping and ensuring the canvas remains stable and flat over time. The warp-resistance of the stretcher bars is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the artwork, especially in larger canvas sizes.


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In summary, Winsor & Newton Canvas offers a high-performance surface with its titanium dioxide gesso primer and medium-textured canvas. The hand-stretching process, uncut tailored corners, and wood keys ensure a professional and durable canvas for artists to create their artwork. The fine kiln-dried wood stretcher bars further enhance the canvas’s endurance, making it a reliable choice for artists who value quality and stability in their materials.