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Winsor & Newton Filbert Brush

The Winsor & Newton Filbert Brush is a versatile brush option for artists working with oils or acrylics. It is crafted from high-quality hog bristles, which are known for their durability and resilience. Even with heavy use, the natural curve of the bristles is maintained, providing artists with enhanced control and accuracy during their painting process.

The filbert brush has a unique shape that sets it apart from other flat brushes. It features rounded edges, resembling an oval or almond shape. This shape makes it well-suited for blending colors and working within tight areas where precision is required.

One of the strengths of the filbert brush is its ability to produce thin, smooth, and flowing lines. The rounded edges of the brush allow artists to create delicate and controlled strokes, ideal for adding details or refining areas of their artwork.

The Winsor & Newton Filbert Brush offers artists a versatile tool that combines the benefits of a flat brush with the versatility of rounded edges. It is suitable for a range of techniques, including blending, working in tight areas, and creating precise lines. Whether you’re working with oils or acrylics, the Filbert Brush is designed to meet the demands of artists and enhance their painting experience.


In summary, the Winsor & Newton Filbert Brush is made from high-quality hog bristles, offering durability and maintaining its natural curve even with heavy use. The unique shape of the filbert brush, with its rounded edges, allows for blending, working in tight areas, and creating thin, smooth lines. It is a versatile tool suitable for artists using oils or acrylics, providing control and accuracy in their painting process.