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Winsor & Newton Flat Brush

The Winsor & Newton Filbert Brush is a reliable brush made from high-quality hog bristles. Even after heavy use, the bristles maintain their natural curve, providing artists with increased control and accuracy while working with oils or acrylics.

In addition to the Filbert Brush, the flat brush is another versatile option for artists. It features a straight edge and is suitable for a variety of techniques. With a flat shape, it excels at blending colors, applying washes, and creating glazes. The broad strokes produced by the flat brush allow for coverage of larger areas, while the sharp sides provide crisp and defined edges.

Both the Filbert Brush and the flat brush offer distinct advantages depending on the artist’s preferred style and technique. The Filbert Brush’s rounded edges are ideal for blending and working in tight areas, while the flat brush’s straight edge is perfect for broader strokes and precise applications.

Whether you choose the Filbert Brush or the flat brush, both options from Winsor & Newton are designed to meet the needs of artists, providing reliable performance and versatility in painting with oils or acrylics.


In summary, the Winsor & Newton Brush is made from high-quality hog bristles, maintaining their natural curve for optimal control and accuracy. The flat brush, on the other hand, offers versatility with its straight edge, suitable for blending, washes, glazes, and producing broad strokes with sharp sides. Both brushes have their unique characteristics and can be valuable tools for artists working with oils or acrylics.