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Winsor & Newton Gouache – White

Winsor & Newton is a well-known and reputable brand that produces high-quality art materials. In this case, we have the Winsor & Newton Gouache in the color “White.” Here are some important details about this particular gouache:

  1. Gouache Characteristics: Winsor & Newton Designers’ Gouache colors are known for their vibrancy and opacity. Gouache is a type of opaque watercolor that provides solid, flat color coverage. It is often used in design and illustration work due to its bold, matte finish.
  2. Finest Pigments: Winsor & Newton Gouache is made from the finest pigments, ensuring that the colors are of high quality and produce rich, intense hues.
  3. Series and Color Code: The “White” gouache belongs to Series 1, which typically indicates that it is an affordable and commonly used color in the Winsor & Newton gouache range. The color code is 512, allowing for easy identification and reference.
  4. Permanence Rating: The gouache color “White” has a permanence rating of A, which means it is considered permanent and lightfast. This indicates that the color will remain stable and not fade over time when exposed to light.
  5. Transparency/Opacity: The “White” gouache is described as opaque, which means it provides solid coverage and hides underlying layers, making it an ideal choice for highlighting and creating bold accents in artworks.
  6. Lightfastness Rating: The lightfastness rating of ASTM I indicates that the “White” gouache has excellent lightfast properties, further ensuring its resistance to fading when exposed to light.


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