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Winsor & Newton Liquin Original

Winsor & Newton Liquin Original is a highly regarded painting medium that has been a favorite among artists. This medium is designed to speed up the drying time of oil colors, making them touch dry in a significantly shorter period compared to traditional drying times (typically within 1-6 days, depending on the color and film thickness).

One of the benefits of using Liquin Original is that it reduces brush stroke retention, allowing for a smoother finish in your paintings. It creates a gel-like paint film that is easier to work with, facilitating smoother brushwork and enabling artists to achieve their desired effects more easily.

By accelerating the drying time of oil colors, Liquin Original also facilitates working with multiple layers. Artists can apply subsequent layers of paint sooner, as the underlying layers dry faster. This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in the painting process, particularly when working on complex or layered compositions.

Another advantage of Liquin Original is its resistance to yellowing over time. This ensures that your artwork retains its original color and appearance as it ages.


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It’s important to note that Liquin Original is not suitable as a varnish or final coat. Its primary function is to speed up drying time, improve workability, and create a smooth paint film. If you’re looking for a final protective coat, you’ll need to use a varnish specifically designed for that purpose.

In summary, Winsor & Newton Liquin Original is a reliable painting medium that is favored by many artists. It accelerates the drying time of oil colors, reduces brush stroke retention, and creates a smooth, gel-like paint film. It allows for working with multiple layers and resists yellowing over time. However, it should not be used as a varnish or final coat.