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Winsor & Newton Promarker True Blue

Promarker, by Winsor & Newton, offers alcohol-based coverage that is streak-free, allowing artists to achieve flawless and print-like results. It is a twin-tipped marker, featuring a broad chisel nib and a fine bullet nib, providing artists with the flexibility to switch effortlessly between shading larger areas and precision detailing.

The twin-tipped design of Promarker offers greater flexibility in artistic applications. The high-quality broad chisel nib allows for broad strokes, making it ideal for shading larger areas. On the other hand, the fine bullet tip is perfect for intricate and precise detailing, giving artists precise control over their work.

Promarker utilizes high-quality, dye-based colors that ensure even color laydown. The dyes used in Promarker deliver outstanding vibrancy and tonal variation, resulting in vibrant and visually appealing artwork. Unlike felt-tipped pens or low-grade markers, Promarker colors appear perfectly even with no unsightly streaking, giving artists a smooth and consistent color application.

One of the advantages of Promarker is that its colors are translucent, allowing for layering and the creation of depth and opacity. By layering Promarker colors, artists can achieve a range of shading effects and tonal variations. Going over the same spot with Promarker creates a darker tone of the same color, offering artists versatility and control over their shading techniques.


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In summary, Promarker by Winsor & Newton offers alcohol-based coverage with streak-free results. The twin-tipped design provides the flexibility to switch between shading larger areas and precision detailing. The high-quality, dye-based colors ensure even color laydown with vibrant results. Promarker’s translucent inks allow for layering and the creation of varying depth and opacity, enabling artists to achieve a versatile range of shading effects.