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Winsor & Newton Satin Varnish 75ml

Winsor & Newton Satin Varnish is a high-quality UV resistant varnish designed for artists. It provides a satin finish that helps maintain the integrity and longevity of oil paintings. This varnish offers several benefits to protect and enhance the artwork.

One of the key advantages of Satin Varnish is that it seals the microscopic pores on the oil paint film. By doing so, it provides resistance to dirt and grease, making the painting easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, the varnish helps balance out the surface sheen, providing a uniform satin finish to the artwork.

The Satin Varnish is removable, which allows for re-varnishing if needed. To remove the varnish, a solvent such as Artists’ White Spirit or Distilled Turpentine can be used. This flexibility allows artists to adjust and maintain the appearance of their paintings over time.

The varnish is quick drying, enabling artists to apply it efficiently. It is non-yellowing, meaning it will not produce a yellow hue over time, ensuring the true colors of the artwork remain vibrant. It also does not bloom or crack, further preserving the quality and appearance of the painting.

It is important to note that Satin Varnish should only be applied when the painting is completely dry, which typically takes 6-12 months for oil paintings to fully cure. It is not recommended to use Satin Varnish as a medium in the painting process. Before applying the varnish, it is essential to shake the bottle well to ensure proper dispersion of the ingredients.


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In summary, Winsor & Newton Satin Varnish is a high-quality UV resistant varnish that provides a satin finish to protect and enhance oil paintings. It seals the microscopic pores, offers resistance to dirt and grease, and balances out the surface sheen. The varnish is removable and can be removed using appropriate solvents. It is quick drying, non-yellowing, and does not bloom or crack. However, it should only be applied once the painting is completely dry and should not be used as a medium in the painting process.