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Zelcol Detail for Oil 100ml

Zelcol Detail for Oil is a 100ml product that serves as an oil-modified alkyd resin, designed to accelerate the drying time of oil colors. Here are the key features and uses of this product:


  1. Oil-Modified Alkyd Resin: Zelcol Detail is formulated with an oil-modified alkyd resin. Alkyd resins are synthetic resins that are often used as binders in oil-based paints to enhance their properties.
  2. Accelerates Drying Time: When added to oil colors, Zelcol Detail accelerates the drying time of the paint. This can be particularly useful for artists who want to work more quickly or need to build up layers of paint without waiting extended periods between applications.
  3. Resistant to Yellowing: Zelcol Detail is resistant to yellowing, which means it helps maintain the true colors of the oil paints over time, preventing them from developing a yellowish tint as they age.


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  1. Fine Detail Work: Zelcol Detail is an excellent medium for fine detail work in oil painting. When added to oil colors, it allows artists to achieve precise and intricate details in their artwork.
  2. Glazing: The product is also suitable for glazing techniques. Glazing involves applying thin layers of transparent or semi-transparent colors over dried paint layers to create depth, luminosity, and color variations in the artwork. Zelcol Detail can enhance the glazing process by speeding up drying time.


  • When using Zelcol Detail to thin oil colors for fine detail work, it is recommended to use a minimum amount of the medium. This ensures that the paint maintains its consistency while providing the benefits of faster drying.

Zelcol Detail for Oil is a valuable tool for artists working with oil paints, especially those who need to achieve fine details in their artwork or desire faster drying times. As with any medium, it is important to use it sparingly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations to achieve the desired effects.