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Zelcryl Gloss Gel Medium 100ml

Zelcryl Gloss Gel Medium is a 100ml acrylic medium designed to be used with acrylic paints. Here are the key features and instructions for using this product:


  1. Texture and Brush Stroke Retention: When mixed with acrylic paints, Zelcryl Gloss Gel Medium retains the texture and brush strokes in the artwork. This creates visual interest and adds dimension to the finished piece.
  2. Increase Gloss and Transparency: The medium enhances the glossiness and transparency of the acrylic paints, giving the artwork a shiny and translucent appearance.


  1. Thinning with Water: Zelcryl Gloss Gel Medium can be thinned with a little water only. Adding water helps adjust the consistency of the medium, making it more workable and suitable for different application techniques.
  2. Cleaning Equipment: After using the medium, it is essential to clean all equipment and brushes immediately with water. Proper cleaning ensures that the tools remain in good condition and ready for future use.


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Zelcryl Gloss Gel Medium is a versatile acrylic medium that artists can use to modify the properties of acrylic paints and enhance their artwork. By retaining texture, increasing gloss, and providing transparency, this medium opens up a range of possibilities for artists to experiment with different effects and styles in their acrylic paintings. Following the provided instructions ensures the best results and helps maintain the longevity and quality of the painting tools and equipment.