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Zelcryl Retarder 50ml

Zelcryl Retarder is a 50ml product designed to be used with acrylic paints. It serves as a retarder, an agent that slows down the drying time of acrylic paints. Here are the key features and instructions for using this product:


  1. Slows Drying Time: Zelcryl Retarder is added to acrylic paints to slow down their drying time. This allows artists to have a longer period of workability with the paint, providing more time for blending, layering highlights, and other techniques that require wet-on-wet application.


  1. Mixing Ratio: When using Zelcryl Retarder with earth colors, the recommended mixing ratio is 1 part retarder to 6 parts of color. For all other colors, the suggested ratio is 1 part retarder to 3 parts of color.
  2. Blending and Wet-on-Wet: By using the retarder, artists can achieve smoother blends and transitions in their acrylic paintings. It enables them to work with wet-on-wet techniques, allowing colors to blend and merge more effectively.


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Zelcryl Retarder is a valuable tool for artists working with acrylic paints, particularly for those who prefer extended workability and more time to manipulate the paint on the canvas. By slowing down the drying time, artists can explore various blending and layering techniques, creating visually appealing and nuanced artworks. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommended mixing ratios to achieve the desired effects and results.