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Zellen Art Masking Fluid Acrylic 100ml

Zellen Art Masking Fluid is a locally manufactured product by Zellen Art Products, proudly made in South Africa. It comes in a 100ml bottle and is specifically designed for use with watercolors. Here are the key features and uses of this product:


  1. Masking Fluid: Zellen Art Masking Fluid is used as a masking agent in watercolor painting. It is applied to specific areas of the paper that the artist wishes to keep free of paint.


  1. Watercolor Painting: The primary purpose of Zellen Art Masking Fluid is to mask off areas in watercolor paintings, preserving the white or unpainted sections of the paper. Artists often use masking fluid to create highlights, textures, or intricate details in their watercolor artworks.


  1. Application: To use the masking fluid, the artist applies it to the paper using a brush or other applicator. Once the masking fluid is dry and forms a protective barrier, the artist can paint over it with watercolors.
  2. Removal: After the watercolor paint has dried, the masking fluid can be gently removed from the paper, revealing the unpainted areas. It is essential to remove the masking fluid carefully to avoid damaging the paper or any delicate paint layers.


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Zellen Art Masking Fluid is a valuable tool for watercolor artists, enabling them to create interesting and precise effects in their paintings. By protecting certain areas of the paper from paint, artists have more control over the final appearance of their artworks. As a Proudly South African product, it reflects the quality and commitment of local art supply manufacturers to meet the needs of artists in the region and beyond.