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Zellen Cold Wax Medium

Zellen Cold Wax Medium is a wax-based oil painting medium that comes in a 700g can. It is designed to be used with oil paints to create a variety of textures within a painting. Here are the key features and uses of this medium:


  1. Translucent and Wax-Based: Zellen Cold Wax Medium is made from natural waxes, white spirits, and alkyd resin. The translucent nature of the medium allows it to be mixed with oil paints while maintaining some transparency.
  2. Texture Creation: This medium is excellent for creating various textures within a painting. It can be used to add depth, dimension, and visual interest to the artwork.
  3. Retains Impasto Peaks: Zellen Cold Wax Medium can retain the sharp peaks created with impasto techniques, making it an ideal medium for artists who want to achieve more pronounced texture in their paintings.
  4. Matte and Transparent Appearance: When mixed with oil paints, the medium creates a matte and transparent appearance, offering a unique visual effect.
  5. Reduces Drying Time: The presence of alkyd resin in the medium aids in reducing the drying time of oil paints, which can be beneficial for artists who wish to work more quickly.


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  1. Texture Creation: Zellen Cold Wax Medium is primarily used to add texture to oil paintings. It can be applied with various tools, such as brushes, palette knives, or even fingers, to create different surface effects.
  2. Thickening Oil Paints: The medium can also be used to thicken oil paints, altering their consistency and enhancing their body.
  3. Mixing with Pigments: Additionally, artists can mix the medium with oil paints or powder pigments to create customized textures and effects.

Zellen Cold Wax Medium offers artists a versatile tool to explore texture and dimension in their oil paintings. It can be used alone or in combination with other oil painting techniques to create unique and visually engaging artworks. As with any art medium, experimentation and understanding its characteristics are essential to achieve the desired artistic effects.