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Zellen Marble Dust Fine 300ml

Zellen Marble Dust is available in 300ml tubs and comes in two variants: Fine and Coarse. Here are the key features and uses of each variant:

Fine Variant:

  1. Description: The Fine variant of Zellen Marble Dust is a white powder with a fine texture.
  2. Use as a Filler: It is perfect for use as a filler in various art or craft projects. The fine texture allows it to blend smoothly with other materials, creating a cohesive and even surface.

Coarse Variant:

  1. Description: The Coarse variant of Zellen Marble Dust consists of white granules with a more textured appearance compared to the Fine variant.
  2. Mixing with Other Mediums: The Coarse variant is designed to be mixed with other mediums such as Zelcryl Gloss or Thick Gloss Gel Medium, paints, and more. This allows artists to create custom textures and effects in their artworks.
  3. Ideal for Art or Craft Projects: Both variants of Zellen Marble Dust are suitable for various art or craft projects, offering versatility and creative possibilities to artists and crafters.


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  1. Art and Craft Projects: Zellen Marble Dust can be used in a wide range of art or craft projects to add texture, create custom surfaces, or act as a filler.
  2. Mixed Media Art: Artists can incorporate Zellen Marble Dust into mixed media artworks to enhance the overall texture and visual interest.
  3. Custom Texture Creation: The Coarse variant, when mixed with other mediums, allows artists to tailor the texture of their artworks, giving them control over the final appearance.

Both Fine and Coarse variants of Zellen Marble Dust offer artists and crafters valuable tools to add texture and enhance their art projects. As with any art medium, experimentation and creativity are encouraged to explore the full potential of these materials. Whether used as a filler or mixed with other mediums, Zellen Marble Dust can bring depth and unique characteristics to art and craft creations.