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Zellen Refined Linseed Oil

Zellen Refined Linseed Oil is a high-quality oil painting medium designed to enhance the characteristics of oil paints. Here are the key features and uses of this product:


  1. Highly Refined and Pure: Zellen Refined Linseed Oil is made from highly refined and pure pale-colored linseed oil. The refining process ensures its quality and purity for use in oil painting.
  2. Consistency Reduction: When added to oil paints, the linseed oil reduces their consistency, making the paint more fluid and easier to work with. This can be useful for various painting techniques and achieving specific effects.
  3. Increased Gloss and Transparency: The use of linseed oil in oil paints increases the glossiness and transparency of the colors. This enhancement can add depth and luminosity to the artwork.
  4. Slows Drying Time: Linseed oil slows down the drying time of oil paints. This can be advantageous for artists who prefer more extended working periods or wish to blend colors smoothly.


  1. Paint Flow Improvement: Zellen Refined Linseed Oil can be used generously or sparingly to improve the paint flow, allowing artists to achieve smoother brushstrokes and better blending.
  2. Gloss and Transparency Enhancement: By incorporating linseed oil into oil paints, artists can achieve a more glossy and transparent finish in their artwork.
  3. Drying Time Control: The use of linseed oil allows artists to control the drying time of their oil paints, which is especially useful for artists working on intricate details or large-scale paintings.


Zellen Refined Linseed Oil is a valuable tool for oil painters seeking to manipulate the characteristics of their paints. By adjusting the consistency, glossiness, and drying time of the oil paints, artists can customize their painting process to suit their artistic vision and style. The availability of 250ml and 500ml bottles offers flexibility in choosing the appropriate quantity for individual art projects. As with any art medium, proper usage and adherence to safety guidelines are essential for achieving the desired results.