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Zellen White Gesso Primer 500ml

Zellen White Gesso Primer is a crucial art supply used to prepare the canvas or any other painting surface for acrylic or oil painting. It acts as a base or foundation for the artwork, creating a textured and ready-to-paint surface. Here are the key features and uses of this white gesso primer:


  1. Similar to White Acrylic Paint: Zellen White Gesso Primer is very similar to white acrylic paint in its composition, but it is thinner in consistency and dries to a harder finish.
  2. Stiffens the Surface: When applied to the canvas or painting surface, the gesso dries hard, stiffening the surface. This stiffness provides a stable foundation for the subsequent layers of paint.
  3. Prepares the Surface: The gesso “primes” the surface, ensuring that the paint adheres well and does not soak into the canvas weave. It creates a slightly textured and suitable surface for acrylic paint application.
  4. Matt Finish with Slight Tooth: The Zellen White Gesso Primer has a matt finish and provides a slight tooth, which enhances the adhesion of the paint layers.


  1. Surface Preparation: Zellen White Gesso Primer is applied to prepare the canvas or any other painting surface before starting the actual painting process. It ensures the surface is ready to accept acrylic or oil paint.
  2. Layered Application: The gesso primer is recommended to be applied in layers. This layering process helps build up the texture and tooth on the surface gradually.


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Zellen White Gesso Primer is a fundamental tool for artists working with acrylic or oil paints. By providing a stable and slightly textured surface, it allows artists to achieve better adhesion and control in their artwork. The 500ml size offers artists the convenience of having a sufficient quantity of gesso for multiple projects. As with any art medium, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions for proper application and optimal results.