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Zellen White Spirits

Zellen White Spirits is a versatile art supply that serves multiple purposes in oil and alkyd painting. Here are the key features and uses of this product:


  1. Volatile and Flammable Diluent: Zellen White Spirits is a volatile and flammable diluent, commonly used for cleaning brushes and thinning oil and alkyd colors.
  2. Brush Cleaning: It is particularly useful for cleaning brushes used with oil and alkyd paints, effectively removing paint residues from the bristles.
  3. Thinning Oil Colors: While it can be used for thinning oil colors, it’s worth noting that specific painting mediums or Artist’s Turpentine may be more suitable for this purpose.
  4. Slower Drying than Turpentine: Compared to Artist’s Turpentine, Zellen White Spirits has a slightly slower drying time when used in painting.
  5. Storage Stability: It is designed to remain stable and not deteriorate on storage.


  1. Brush Cleaning: Zellen White Spirits is an essential tool for artists to clean their brushes after using oil or alkyd paints, ensuring they are ready for the next painting session.
  2. Thinning Oil Colors: When artists need to adjust the consistency of their oil colors, Zellen White Spirits can be used to achieve the desired fluidity.


Zellen White Spirits offers artists a reliable and efficient solution for brush cleaning and paint thinning in oil and alkyd painting. Its slower drying time may provide artists with extended working periods and better control over their paint layers. The product is available in various bottle sizes (100ml, 250ml, and 500ml) to suit different preferences and needs. As with any volatile and flammable substance, it is crucial to handle Zellen White Spirits with care and follow safety guidelines to ensure safe and effective use.